Don’t Miss New England Home’s 5 Under 40

If you want to know who the latest and greatest are in New England design, you don’t want to miss New England Home’s 5 Under 40 Awards. Highlighting the best and most innovative new talent in architecture, interiors, furniture, and home design products and accessories, we’re proud to be a Signature Sponsor of this exciting […]

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Home Automation Systems and Trends Explored

While motorized shades and window treatments are, perhaps, the most common automated home accessory, they are just one part of a broader concept in architecture and interior design: home automation systems. With the forward leaps and bounds made in digital technologies over the past decade, home automation systems are becoming increasingly complete, convenient and affordable for […]

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Considerations for Selecting Lutron Motorized Shades Vs Somfy

Motorized shades are an attractive convenience, especially in modern homes that emphasize a contemporary interior design style. Of all the companies that manufacture motors for shades, there are two that stand tall: Somfy and Lutron. If you’re considering Somfy or Lutron motorized shades, chances are you’re wondering about the relative merits of each brand name. […]

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Ideas for Using Shoji Screens in Your Home

Define Rooms with Shoji Screens If yours is a smaller living space, chances are you have an open-concept layout. You can use these screens to delineate smaller spaces in your apartment or condominium, creating the effect of having more rooms in your home. Similarly, you can use these screens in houses to segment large rooms […]

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Automatic Shades: Luxury or Necessity?

Closing and opening your shades or blinds with the flick of a button sounds like something from “The Jetsons” or even “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” But the fact is automatic shades are a reality today. This technology can be a must-have necessity in some situations, and a nice-to-have luxury in others. To become […]

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Interior Wood Shutters – Custom Designs & Finishes Explored

If you are looking to transform your interior with a custom window treatment, consider interior window shutters.  Stylish and versatile, these shutters can suit any room or window type and can be designed to complement a window’s shape, a striking piece of furniture, kitchen cabinetry, or your hardwood floors. Shutters make a statement of quality […]

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Fabric Roman Shades for Elegance and Function

Fabric Roman shades are versatile, elegant and practical.  Summer is a great time to ensure that your home isn’t costing too much to cool and that you can enjoy natural light without exposing your furniture or electronic equipment to harsh, direct sunlight.  As versatile as shutters, roman shades come in a variety of styles and can […]

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Custom Arched Window Treatments for a Stylish Home

The challenge of a special window is to dress it well without overpowering its unique look and shape.  Arched windows present their own set of challenges for decorating, but arched window treatments can make the most of your window’s elegant lines and extra light.  When considering various arched window treatments, think about which aspect of […]

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