Wooden Venetian Blinds – A Class Act for Many Interiors

Wooden Venetian Blinds – A Class Act for Many Interiors

It is a pleasure to wake up to or come home to a well lit room and to be able to adjust light and air flow to suit the weather or time of day. Window treatments offer you control over your natural interior light and provide your home with privacy, while protecting your furniture and electronic equipment from harsh, direct sunlight, and classing up your interior.  In addition to their aesthetic value, blinds can save you money on your energy bill by keeping heat in or out.

Venetian blinds are one style of window treatment that has been popular in this country for several hundred years.  These blinds are made of multiple slats held together with cloth or cord that allows the slats to open in unison, offering you great control over the light and air that enter your home through the windows.  If you are looking for the privacy, protection, and control that blinds offer, consider wooden Venetian blinds.


Venetian blinds are a classic interior treatment, and wooden venetian blinds  have a few advantages over blinds made from other materials.  Venetian blinds made of wood, as opposed to cloth, fabric or thin metal, are going to be more durable: these blinds will not bend or tear.  Wooden slats will not bunch or become entangled, assuring smooth operation.  In addition, wooden venetian blinds can cost less than fabric models and are easier to clean.

Shades and blinds are not only practical and versatile, but they can also transform the aesthetic of your interior. They can be left in their natural wood finish or they can be stained or painted to match any interior element you wish. These may include your windows, floors and ceilings, an architectural detail, a favorite dining table or chair, your kitchen cabinets or even a chest of drawers. When the blinds are raised, they can stack hidden behind a valance or cornice.

There are as many kinds of window treatments as there are types of windows.  Wooden venetian blinds are a classy and practical way to  provide privacy and protect your furniture and appliances, while allowing you to control light, heat and air and save money on your energy bill.

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