3 Reasons to Use Room Darkening Shades

3 Reasons to Use Room Darkening Shades

Room darkening shades are specialized window treatments, made of fabric, plastic or even metal, which serve as an effective barrier against light. They are available in numerous styles and configurations, including retractable rolling shades and honeycomb shades, and you also have the option to install remote-control and manually operated room darkening shades. Stylistically, these window treatments can easily be matched to your existing decor, as you have a near-endless array of options in terms of colors, patterns and prints.

Benefits of Room Darkening Shades
Here are some of the primary reasons people install room darkening window treatments:

  • Better sleep quality. This is the most common reason people install room darkening blinds and shades in their bedrooms; they are extremely adept at blocking out sunlight, making it easier to sleep and take daytime naps. They’re also a godsend for those who work night shifts and need to sleep during the day.
  • Energy efficiency. Because room darkening window treatments are so good at shunning sunlight, far less heat is able to penetrate your home. During the summer, this makes it much easier for you to keep things cool indoors, as it helps you run your fans and air conditioning with less frequency. This saves you money and conserves energy.
  • Furniture and carpet protection. One of the main causes of premature aging of furnishings and carpeting is sun exposure. Room darkening window shades help you extend the life of your living room and bedroom furnishings and keep your carpeting looking plush and fresh because they allow you to block out the harmful effects of the sun.

There are also numerous additional benefits of room darkening shades, including the ability to eliminate glare from television screens and computer monitors, and enhanced control over the mood of the room. Affordable and multifunctional, you can add room darkening window treatments to your living room, bedroom or any other room that gets a lot of sunshine.

Order Room Darkening Window Treatments from the Pros
At the Back Bay Shutter Company, we specialize in the creation of quality, custom window treatments. If you’d like to add the effective light-blocking power of room darkening shades to your home, check out our collection of shades and blinds, or simply contact us to learn more about our specialized room darkening options.

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