Add Elegance, Privacy and Functionality with Cafe Shutters

Cafe shutters are window treatments which are typically designed to cover only the bottom half of a window frame. While the exact origin of the term is the subject of debate among architectural historians, it is believed that cafe shutters originated in eateries as a means of keeping sunlight off of table surfaces to avoid possible food spoilage while still allowing patrons to enjoy the daylight coming in through the top half of the window.

In recent years, cafe shutters have made a big comeback in the world of interior design. They offer privacy and seclusion to the residents of the house while still allowing them to enjoy an outdoor view, and are ideal in residential environments with a high population density and living spaces which are situated very close to one another.

As their name implies, cafe shutters were first developed for use in kitchens, but they can be used to great aesthetic and practical effect in any room of the home. They are perfect for bedrooms, simultaneously allowing for privacy and the influx of natural light, and are also commonly used in bathrooms. Cafe shutters are also excellent in living rooms, dens and media rooms, as they prevent sunlight from casting a glare on television and computer screens. If you’ve ever wanted a window treatment that offers privacy without blocking sunlight out completely, these shutters are the ideal solution.

Many homeowners and interior designers are becoming increasingly creative with their applications of these unique window treatments. Windows can be outfitted with two separate sets of cafe shutters–one for the bottom half of the window, and another for the top half. This gives you precision control over the amount of daylight that you let into the room while offering the option of complete privacy and light blockage. Their lines are clean and even, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated into any interior decor style, from traditional to modern.

At the Back Bay Shutter Company, we offer a wide range of cafe-style window treatments to suit any application or stylistic preference. Our specially trained installation technicians can quickly and expertly install your new window treatments, and we provide repair and adjustment services with all window treatment orders. View our photo gallery showing a wide range of cafe style shutters installed in a wide variety of rooms. Then Request a quote to get started.