Automatic Shades: Luxury or Necessity?

Closing and opening your shades or blinds with the flick of a button sounds like something from “The Jetsons” or even “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” But the fact is automatic shades are a reality today. This technology can be a must-have necessity in some situations, and a nice-to-have luxury in others.

To become more familiar with the idea of what you can do, check out the video showing an installation we did of Lutron motorized shades:

Choosing What Type of Installation is Right for You 

When making the decision to install automatic shades there are many options from which to choose. Automatic shades (also known as motorized shades or blinds) can be manipulated using a remote control or a wall switch. It’s important to weigh your preferences and to consider how you are likely to use the automated shades when deciding which option is right for you. For instance, a remote control certainly has the “cool” factor, and a remote control can come in handy if you want to open or close the shades while relaxing on the couch. But, a remote control can be easily lost around the house, which is always frustrating. On the other hand, a wall switch is reliable, but it might be inconvenient to have to walk to the switch to manipulate the automatic shades.

There are multiple options when it comes to remote controlled automatic shades. Those that use infrared technology require you to point and click at the shade that remote controls, whereas those that use radio frequency (RF) can control multiple shades from anywhere in the house. Though the RF option might seem unnecessary and luxurious, it can be essential in a very large house when closing up for the night, for example, or in a house where extra privacy and security might be required.

Situations in Which to Consider Automatic Shades

Automatic shades can be a necessity rather than a luxury in many situations. For example, houses with very high windows require automatic shades, since the homeowner would otherwise not be able to open and close the window treatments. Very big houses might also require automatic shades if there are large numbers of windows, and taking the time to open and close the shades or blinds on each would be a tedious process each day. In situations when the homeowner is elderly or ill, automatic shades can also be a necessity, as the person might have trouble physically manipulating the shades each day.

Whether for luxury, convenience or necessity, automatic shades provide a number of benefits for homeowners.