The Garden Pavillion in Brookline is an extremely impressive home, which required equally impressive window treatments. Enter: Back Bay Shutter Company. Here Steve and Bill discuss one of their favorite projects and its challenges, with designer Susan Reddick.


The owners of this stylish private residence in the downtown Boston Mandarin Hotel wanted their shades to be room darkening, easy to use and able to be controlled through a home automation system. They also needed the shades to disappear into the windows when open, so they didn’t block the fabulous city view. A tall order? Take a listen to what Steve and Bill, and collaborator, Blair Hamity of Setting Spaces, had to say about it


This Brookline home had its own set of challenges, involving a bedroom that needed shades, but windows that couldn’t accommodate them, as well as a library in need of a stylish option to block the full-on sunlight that hit the owner’s computer screen. The happy client talks about the project, and owners Bill and Steve discuss how they pulled it off.

Our automatic shades videos section presents live examples of projects done by our trained technicians. We can motorize your shutters, shades, and curtains that can be operated by remote control for ease of use. These videos will help you see how the motorized window treatments work and what they can do for your home.

Automatic shades, shutters, and curtains offer convenience, security and even energy savings. You can connect these motorized window treatments to your smart home hub where you can control the timing of their operation. For example, sensors can be installed that will detect sunlight and automatically open the window treatments to allow sunlight in on cool days and close them on warm days. The motorized shades, shutters, and curtains can also be operated by remote control and an app on your smartphone.