BBS & Charles Street Supply Tackle an “Imperfect World.”

Recently we teamed up with Charles Street Supply to create a display in their front window. If you don’t know Charles Street Supply, you should check it out. Smack in the middle of one of the city’s most stylish streets, they’re the oldest hardware store in Boston. Jack and Cassie Gurnon (Cassie owns Thistle, a popular interior design company with her partner Pam Rossi) are the owners of this Beacon Hill icon, part of Jack’s family since 1948. They carry over 24,000 items, everything from tools to plaster washers, vacuumms to keys. And they deliver to most areas of Boston — now that’s the kind of customer service we like!

The window display shows off Back Bay Shutter’s skill at being able to craft a custom shutter for any shaped window (if you look carefully, you’ll see that the window is crooked, but the shutter fits perfectly). The headline in the window reads “The Perfect Store for an Imperfect World,” and goes on to explain that Charles Street Supply caters to not only general home maintenance, but also to the issues that come along with the old and quirky, but charming, homes of Boston. So, if you’re on Charles Street, take a look at our window in the window! And take a walk through one of Boston’s historical gems, our favorite hardware store, Charles Street Supply.

Charles Street Supply