And it’s Another Edition of 5 Under 40!

Last Thursday we had an absolutely great time at New England Home’s 5 Under 40 event, which we were thrilled to be a sponsor of. This is one of those fantastic nights that brings New England’s design community together. Its purpose is to celebrate emerging talent in residential design, including architecture, home-design products, accessories, interiors, […]

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Our Largest Motorized Blind Goes to School

The Match School. Take a look at the size of those windows! Shades come in all different sizes and textures. We thought we had seen them all, but then along came the Match School, an innovative charter school on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. For those of you who like local Boston history, the building is […]

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How Minimum Window Treatments Deliver Maximum Quality

High quality window treatments are both practical and purposeful while still retaining their beauty and refinement. At Back Bay Shutter, each and every element is of the highest quality without concession. No foo-foo, unnecessary additions, no just-for-show aspects – just flawless shutters made to the highest standard. Minimal Design Many window treatment companies use plastic […]

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Telltale Signs Your Interior Designer is a Perfectionist

Neurotic perfectionism is a rare and useful condition that has been the powerhouse behind many high quality pieces of design. Some have even described it as the ability to see things about design that mere mortals can’t. Can you tell if your designer has this extraordinary condition? Here are a few telltale signs that indicate whether or […]

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Interior Wood Shutters: Painted or Stained?

A question that frequently comes up at Back Bay Shutter Co. is whether we recommend painting or staining our interior wood shutters. As neurotic perfectionists, you’d think we have an unambiguous answer for you. The truth is: there are advantages to both options. Although it is largely a stylistic preference, there are some things you […]

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