Benjamin Moore’s 2011 Color Trends & Custom Window Treatments Part I

Benjamin Moore’s 2011 Color Trends & Custom Window Treatments Part I

Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends and Custom Window Treatments

We always look forward to Benjamin Moore’s color trend predictions to see what we’ll be matching our shuttersblinds and shades to in the coming year (we are, as you can imagine, fanatical about a seamless match). And while they’ve already come out with the 2012 predictions, we thought it would be a good time to review the year ahead.

Farm, Order, Escape and Tribe are the trends that inspired Ben Moore’s overall theme of “Balance” for 2011 (think Shoji panels, with their instant zen vibe).  We love the idea of balance to inspire 11’s colors, since we at Back Bay Shutter Co., Inc. are all about work, work, work and could use a little more balance. (Of course, we love our work too much to be balanced, but we do like the idea!)

Let’s explore in a little more depth:


This is a back-to-basics vibe, with cow prints, burlap feedbags and lots of texture. It’s the vibrant colors of vegetables at a farm stand. Tea-stained hues are also big.  As for custom window treatments, we see lots of bamboo and custom woven roman shades. Whites and creams will be milkier, with more butter yellow. We imagine white shutters will be big. Green will still be on trend. Cool gray tones will be replaced by earthy soil.

DownloadedFile     bamboo and custom woven roman shades

Textured and earthy, these custom shades — Conrad Custom Woven Roman Shades Weave no. DLO6 — say “farm” trend loud and clear. (Image courtesy of Conrad Shades.)


In the chaotic economy, finding order in design makes sense. Primary colors, bright stripes and polka dots (don’t forget our shades can be made from any fabric or material). Black and white with pops of color will be hot. Patterns are geometric and clean lines are a must.

Green string drape, window treatment

Dot pattern window treatment

This green string drape is just the kind of bright pop that would work with black and white. Design: Mark Christofi Interiors. The black and white polka dots are Marimekko, Kivet fabric.

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