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Our Largest Motorized Blind Goes to School

The Match School. Take a look at the size of those windows! Shades come in all different sizes and textures. We thought we had seen them all, but then along came the Match School, an innovative charter school on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston. For those of you who like local Boston history, the building is […]

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How Minimum Window Treatments Deliver Maximum Quality

High quality window treatments are both practical and purposeful while still retaining their beauty and refinement. At Back Bay Shutter, each and every element is of the highest quality without concession. No foo-foo, unnecessary additions, no just-for-show aspects – just flawless shutters made to the highest standard. Minimal Design Many window treatment companies use plastic […]

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Interior Wood Shutters: Painted or Stained?

A question that frequently comes up at Back Bay Shutter Co. is whether we recommend painting or staining our interior wood shutters. As neurotic perfectionists, you’d think we have an unambiguous answer for you. The truth is: there are advantages to both options. Although it is largely a stylistic preference, there are some things you […]

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Passion, Precision and the Pursuit of Excellence

This is a guest post by Amy Statton, a professional ballet dancer who has worked with several ballet companies including the Tulsa Ballet and the Pennsylvania Ballet. In 2009, she received the bronze medal at the 6th Annual Tanzolymp Dance Festival in Berlin for classical ballet. What is excellence? The dictionary defines excellence as the […]

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Creative Ideas for Arched Window Treatments

Arched windows are among the most elegant of architectural accentuations, and they can have a dramatic impact in any room of the home. However, they are notoriously difficult to deal with when it comes to window treatments, as their irregular shapes make them difficult to cover without being conspicuous. The rule of thumb when it […]

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Operating Options for Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are an elegant way to enhance your home decor, and they come with various operational options, each of which has its own merits and drawbacks. In addition to stylistic considerations, you should also take these operating options into consideration when you’re shopping for Venetian blinds to ensure you get maximum enjoyment from your […]

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Clean and Care Tips for Indoor Window Shutters

Properly caring for your indoor window shutters is essential to maintaining their beauty and extending their long life. Regular care and cleaning can prevent material degradation and improve indoor air quality by reducing the amount of dust present in your home’s interior. Wooden indoor window shutters require particularly careful attention. Protect the investment you’ve made […]

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