Creative Ideas for Arched Window Treatments

Creative Ideas for Arched Window Treatments

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Arched windows are among the most elegant of architectural accentuations, and they can have a dramatic impact in any room of the home. However, they are notoriously difficult to deal with when it comes to window treatments, as their irregular shapes make them difficult to cover without being conspicuous. The rule of thumb when it comes to window treatments for arched windows is to use them to deliberately draw the eye and enhance the overall visual effect.

For example, if you have a semicircular arched window above a large window in a dining room or living room, you can simply suspend curtains from a horizontal rod running across the entire width of the window, then place ties around the lower third of the curtains so the upper two-thirds has a graceful inward curve. This creates balance, offsetting the curve of the arched window with the curve of the curtains, while leading the eye to the full width of the main windows. This causes a greater sense of depth within the room.

You can also use valances over arched windows to separate them from the windows they rest atop. These window treatments for arched windows highlights the curvature of the architecture while creating increasing the intimacy of the interior space.

As a variation on this strategy, you can separate the arched windows from the main windows with a horizontal rod, then use blinds or curtains to cover the main windows and leave the arched windows bare. This approach optimizes privacy while still allowing an unimpeded flow of natural light into the room. You can also use swags instead of blinds or curtains if you want to leave the main windows exposed. Again, this effect counterbalances the arching movements of the upper window shapes, creating a sense of rhythm.

At the Back Bay Shutter Company, we specialize in custom-made blinds, shades and shutters. We’re happy to offer you more tips and ideas regarding window treatments for arched windows; simply contact us and discuss your needs with one of our customer service representatives.

Photo by Alex Beatty: SHUTTER PANELS, 1 1/4” thick,1 7/8” louvers, hinged, top track supported, no divider rail, arch tapered movable louver fan above. Location: Marlborough St., Boston, MA.

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