Design Imaginations: Going Beyond Motorized Roller Shades

Design Imaginations: Going Beyond Motorized Roller Shades

When it comes to cutting-edge design technology, motorized roller shades are right at the top. Now, you may think that only custom built houses can enjoy motorized shades, but the truth is, with a little creativity, practically any window and shade option can be motorized. At Back Bay Shutter Company, we specialize in creating functional, hands-free motorized shades and are dedicated to ensuring they blend seamlessly into your home with the easiest, hassle-free installation you’ll ever experience.


Motorized Shades: The Facts
Motorized roller shades operate using systems that allow you to control your shades from wall mounted key pads, hand held remotes or sensors, depending on your wants and needs. Shades can be programmed to automatically go up or down at a certain time, and radio controls use simple up, down and stop buttons for individual shade control. Back Bay Shutter Company works with small family run workrooms and motorization companies such as LutronTM and SomfyTM to bring you the highest quality motorized shades&trade available.

What kind of Shades Can be Motorized?
With some imagination, creativity and the right team, just about any type of shade, blind, curtain or drapery can be motorized. That’s right! You name it: woven, accordion, match stick, bamboo, roman, pleated, comfort screen, roller shades, custom draperies, blackout shades and more. (Yes, even more.) We welcome a challenge, no matter how unique or demanding your windows are. We pay attention to every detail — from door handles to molding protrusions — and provide the best option for you, making sure that each shade is easy to operate and is made of the highest quality materials.

Your Partner in Motorized Roller Shades
Because our motorized shades are so popular, we’ve often wondered if we should’ve named ourselves Back Bay Shades. Apart from the wide selection of motorized shades, the industry knows that we provide professional, hassle-free installations. As problem-solvers and challenge-accepters, it’s our job to make sure that you are completely satisfied with each and every aspect of your motorized shades, including the installation process.

Challenge our creativity and ingenuity! Back Bay Shutter Company will put our team to work on creating flawless, hands-free motorized shades for your home. After all, when it comes to shades and shutters, we’ve got perfection on our side.

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