Get Your Motor Running with Motorized Shades

Motorized shades and blinds are luxurious and are quickly becoming a design element for those interested in a sleek look with simple lines. Nothing adds more drama to a room than being able to open your shades or blinds in unison, taking your space from either light to dark by simply pushing a button. They’re also quiet, reliable and easy.

Here are some important things to think about if you’re considering motorization: 

1. Consider the kind of privacy and light you require in a room. In a bedroom, for instance, where you’ll be sleeping, or a media room where you don’t want the glare of the outside to ruin the picture on your television or computer, you may want to consider black-out shades or blinds.

2. Don’t choose a shade or blind based on cost alone. This is a product you’ll be using everyday. Choosing the best quality you can afford will ensure longevity. And don’t forget to make sure you choose shades or blinds that look as if they belong in your house and not like an afterthought. Window treatments should never call attention to themselves, but rather fit comfortably and beautifully within your space.

3. Because almost all shades or blinds can be motorized (Back Bay can literally motorize any style shade or blind there is), you have a lot of design freedom. Back Bay’s entire line of shades and blinds can be equiped with high-end, ultra dependable Lutron and Somfy motors, known for their durability.

4. Be sure to consider that some motorized systems require extensive wiring, which may be best done when you’re doing new construction or renovation (we tell our clients to call us as soon as they have plans in ink, since that’s when we can save them money and offer the most options.) Others require more limited wiring and run on 110 power, while still others are battery operated and require no wiring whatsoever.

5. When it comes to controlling your shade or blinds, consider whether you would prefer to have them integrated into your home automation system, offering the simplicity of one central panel that manages everything that’s automated in your home, or whether a stand alone system would better fit your needs.