How Minimum Window Treatments Deliver Maximum Quality

How Minimum Window Treatments Deliver Maximum Quality

High quality window treatments are both practical and purposeful while still retaining their beauty and refinement. At Back Bay Shutter, each and every element is of the highest quality without concession.
No foo-foo, unnecessary additions, no just-for-show aspects – just flawless shutters made to the highest standard.


Minimal Design

Many window treatment companies use plastic and flimsy parts and create cookie-cutter, factory made shades and shutters that are destined to fall apart. (And chances are, the manufacturers of these types of corner-cutting window treatments are probably not going to repair them for you.) Alternatively, Back Bay Shutter uses only the finest parts and hardware, made by high-end companies such as Von Morris™, Baldwin™, and Merit Metal Products™. Stylish, quality hardware is a Back Bay Shutter signature of all their custom work.


Back Bay Shutter’s minimal window treatments come straight from unique, family-run workrooms and mills and are made to the highest standards and not main-stream. And any issues you may experience are taken care of quickly and efficiently because they always stand behind their installations.

In minimal design, every detail matters. Hand-crafted window treatments from Back Bay Shutter Company have solidity of character and problem-free construction. The result is minimal window treatments that blend with the interior design of the home and enhance its overall beauty and value.

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