Interior Wood Shutters – Custom Designs & Finishes Explored


If you are looking to transform your interior with a custom window treatment, consider interior window shutters.  Stylish and versatile, these shutters can suit any room or window type and can be designed to complement a window’s shape, a striking piece of furniture, kitchen cabinetry, or your hardwood floors. Shutters make a statement of quality and the clean, strong lines of custom interior window shutters may suit your home perfectly.

The first advantage of interior window shutters is their durability.  Because there are no cords and no valances, in which either slats or cords could become entangled, interior shutters are sure to last a very long time.  In addition to lasting longer than blinds or drapes, shutters are easier to clean.  A simple wipe with a damp cloth will remove any dust and dirt.  Because they are more substantial, interior window shutters won’t flap around or slap against the window as blinds or drapes do when the window is open.

Shutters have the same efficiency benefits as blinds and curtains when it comes to preventing heat gain in the summer or heat loss in the winter and protecting your furniture and appliances from direct heat exposure.  Shutters are also just as versatile as blinds and can be stained or painted to match any color scheme. And of course, wood has its own natural charm and elegance and a deep stain can inspire the charm of a rustic lodge whereas a light stain or light color that allows the wood’s grain to show through could create the lightness and airiness of a home by the beach.

Shutters are particularly appropriate for windows with unique shapes or sizes.  Custom shutters can be crafted to fit perfectly in any window.  Half moon arches over windows can have permanent or operable shutters.  Interior window shutters can also be fitted with knobs and other accents that complement fixtures in the room or that draw the eye to your custom treatment.  Since the shutter will fit the window’s frame, you will also have the opportunity to play with accents on the frame and sill.

Consider the advantages of shutters for your windows and feel free to get creative; custom shutters can be built to accommodate any decor and any window type.

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