Interior Wood Shutters, Shade & Blinds are Hot and Cool

Four panel over four panel shutters. Photo from our website. Michael J. Lee Photography.


Many clients ask us, “Will having interior shutters, blinds or shades help me save energy?” The answer is a resounding yes. Not only can you reduce heating costs when you install our interior wood shutters, shades or blinds, you can also save on cooling costs. And you thought our products were only stylish!

Our popular Conrad Custom Woven shades. Photo from our website. Carolyn Ross Photography.

Running a home energy efficiently is a positive trend right now. We’re proud to be able to help our clients make some of the changes necessary to make their homes not only comfortable, but energy efficient, too. The Energy. Gov website agrees that installing shutters, shades and blinds can really help. If you’re interested in finding out what other kinds of improvements you can make, visit them at

We replaced our fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED lighting. We think we’re going to see the difference.

We recently had an energy audit at our Wood Shop and Spray Facility, and decided to replace all of our fluorescent bulbs with long-lasting energy saving LED lighting. We’ve noticed a huge difference in the quality of white light verses dingy yellow. We’re not only saving energy, but think that this better quality light will help us improve our color-matching capabilities when producing custom interior wood shutters (and hey, we’re always looking for ways to do our job better).