Popular Styles and Uses of Matchstick Roman Shades

Popular Styles and Uses of Matchstick Roman Shades


Roman matchstick shades are a highly sought-after trend in home décor, and it’s easy to see why.  As effective as standard slatted blinds, but less bulky, these flat shades offer so much more to the aesthetic of a room.

When you enter your living room, bedroom, or office, you want it to appeal to your senses.  Everything about that room should give you a sense of luxury and comfort.  However, window treatments are often overlooked as one of the best ways to create an elegant feel.  Matchstick shades are ideal if you don’t want to sacrifice aesthetic design for an efficient blind.

So what’s so special about the matchstick variety of Roman shades?

These shades are made from thin strips of natural bamboo wood and then woven together.  This bamboo weave effectively filters light, protecting your furniture and insulating the room without completely darkening it.  These shades can also be lined with fabric, so you can adjust how much light gets filtered — shades for sunnier rooms can have a thicker lining which provides more shade.

Roman Matchstick shades vs. fabric shades or traditional wooden blinds

While fabric shades and curtains are ideal for filtering light to create a shady ambience, they also wear out faster than wooden blinds and can be difficult to clean — dust clings to fabric, and stains are visible to the naked eye.  Wooden blinds are much easier to clean and last longer, but they are bulky.  Matchstick shades are the perfect blend of both fabric shades and traditional wooden blinds.

What kind of custom options do you get with matchstick shades?

There are a number of custom options available with matchstick shades:

  • They can be left natural or custom color painted
  • Their versatility matches any style — from classical to modern
  • Room darkening or light filtering fabric lining provides more or less light depending on your room’s specific needs
  • All shades are custom fit to the dimensions of your window
  • Every shade can be motorized to provide easy, automatic, and hands-free use

Not only are matchstick shades a more stylish and even exotic option, but they are also highly durable and functional in providing privacy and protection against the sun’s rays, making them an ideal, elegant addition for any home.

Photo: WHITE MATCHSTICK ROMAN SHADES With light filtering lining. Design: Gary McBournie Inc., Location: Concord, MA

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