Remote Control

Back Bay Shutter Remote Control Shades

When it comes to windows, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for Lutron, or Somfy shades and blinds, or electric, automatic or motorized shades and blinds, we have exactly the type of remote control shades you need.

With decades of experience (we’ve been doing this for longer than anyone else in the area), we know how to work with all parties on a motorized project.

We speak the same language as your electrician and home automator, which makes collaboration easy. From specifying wire location, to gauge of wire, we can also help you select shade and blind controls that are right for the way you live.

Our full-time installation technicians are detail-oriented and always work to exceed expectations. So, if you’re looking for window treatments that are stylish and functional, Back Bay Shutter Company is an open and shut case.


Lutron QS Wireless Radio Ra2


Lutron QS Wireless Caseta

If you’re interested in motorizing your shutters, shades or drapes, our automatic shades videos will show you some of our work in action.

We specialize in motorizing all of our products. Motorization offers an ease of use, as well as a stylish statement. Automatic shades, shutters and drapes offer convenience, security and even energy savings. You can even connect our motorized window treatments to your smart home hub to help you control the timing and operation of your motorized shades, shutters or drapes. For example, sensors can be installed that will detect sunlight, which will trigger an automatic opening of your window treatments, to allow sunlight in on cool days, or close them on warm days. Another option for managing your motorized window treatments is by using an app on your phone. Talk about easy! Whether you choose to motorize your shades, shutters, or drapes, you can be sure that we offer impeccable installation and follow up.