Right Now: The Design Center’s Trend Report 2011

Right Now: The Design Center’s Trend Report 2011

Lucinni Trim from Calvin Fabrics,  Baroque Papers Collection from Farrow & Ball,  Vibe Collection

From left to right, some of 2011’s best new looks: Lucinni Trim from Calvin Fabrics,  Baroque Papers Collection from Farrow & Ball,  Vibe Collection in Ash Blue from Tile Showcase.

While Shutters, shades and blinds tend to be classics, complementing a wide variety of interior styles, every year brings with it a new set of trends. And what The Boston Design Center‘s 2011 Trend Report says, is that what’s hot right now–is well–right now. Nostalgia is out. Focusing on the moment is in.

The report, compiled by Alexis Contant, vice president and general manager of the Design Center, says that home design trends are more closely related to the fashion runway than ever before. But while fashion trends only remain in style for a season, it’s important to note that home design has a longer shelf life.


Here’s a brief lowdown on a few of 2011’s must-haves:

COUTURE FLORALS Look for fabric with dramatic scale, modern forms and offbeat colors. Overblown and artistic.


Beautifully proportioned classic furniture is big right now. It’s formal, but not dressy and gives its due to urban plaids and tweeds.


Patterns from the Turks and Moroccans, as well as tribal and Egyptian looks are huge.


Look for a more refined red in 2011. There will be shades of coral, poppy, and rasberry.


From Chartreuse to lizard, green is the highlight color of the year. Paired with neutrals, they make a statement.


Tailored forms, elegant lines, polished surfaces, silver and gold leafing.


Sandy camels, grays and browns are showing off their versatility with a cosmopolitan, uptown feel.


Go on safari with unexpected shades and dramatic textures of leopard and zebra.


Add vibrant colors, biomorphic shapes and soft lines.

Zimmer & Rohde Collection

From left to right, more of what you’ll see in the coming year:Zimmer & Rohde Collection from The Martin Group, Inc, Cesta pendant light from Venegas and Company and The New Classics Collection by Matthew Patrick Smyth Collection Patterson, Flynn & Martin from Schumacher.

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