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The Eustis Estate: Shades of Green

One of the most interesting parts of our job is the diverse and challenging range of projects we get to work on. Whether we’re helping a homeowner or designer find a stylish solution for a window that’s oddly shaped, or working with an organization that’s renovating a historic property, there’s something about every job we […]

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Motorized Blinds and Shades 101

Motorized window treatments offer you unparalleled control over your indoor environment, with dozens of stylish options available, including motorized blinds, shades, curtains and drapes. Typically, motorized blinds, curtains and drapes (as well as automatic shades) are suspended from a remote control-activated rod, which you can open and close at the push of a button. Blinds […]

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Automatic Shades: Luxury or Necessity?

Closing and opening your shades or blinds with the flick of a button sounds like something from “The Jetsons” or even “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” But the fact is automatic shades are a reality today. This technology can be a must-have necessity in some situations, and a nice-to-have luxury in others. To become […]

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Automatic Shades: A Moving Experience!

There are countless reasons to install blinds in any home with rooms exposed to direct sunlight. The convenience of moving shades should be clear, but recent advances in technology have made automatic shades practical, efficient and affordable. From security and privacy, to child safety and energy efficiency, automatic shades are an elegant, versatile, and modern […]

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