Telltale Signs Your Interior Designer is a Perfectionist

Telltale Signs Your Interior Designer is a Perfectionist

Neurotic perfectionism is a rare and useful condition that has been the powerhouse behind many high quality pieces of design. Some have even described it as the ability to see things about design that mere mortals can’t.

Can you tell if your designer has this extraordinary condition?

Here are a few telltale signs that indicate whether or not your designer is hopelessly unable to create something that isn’t, well, perfect.


Are your designers detailed oriented?
Actually, you should ask yourself, “Are they beyond detail oriented?” The neurotic perfectionist will notice everything, from the smallest grain of wood, to the exact way the sunlight hits your room at every hour of the day. They’ll be sure every product they create is immaculate. If they could, these purists would examine their pieces under a microscope to make sure everything is exactly the way it should be.

Do they have medium-like design skills?
Neurotic perfectionists are like the horse whisperers of design, they see things no mortal can see and have the ability to predict exactly what you want from your design piece. Ever the masters of anticipating your needs, they can even tell what you want before you’re aware of it. Say you want your shutters delivered by 8:00? They’ll arrive by 7:45. Want a color that’s somewhere between, say, Breezy Turquoise and Ocean Turquoise? They’ll create a whole new shade and name it after you. Naturally, neurotic perfectionists are also incredible listeners — they actually pick up the phone and answer your questions.

Are they inspired by a challenge?
What really gets a neurotic perfectionist going is the challenge. They don’t take shortcuts, skimp on materials, go the “cheap route”, and (being the quality-snobs that they are) never use cookie-cutter, factory-made pieces. Every new commission is an invitation to beat their previous records of perfection. They love it when you throw a new angle at them, they love it when you aren’t satisfied at first — because they know, beyond a doubt, that they can create a design piece that you will be completely satisfied with.

Caution: being around neurotic perfectionists can make you experience feelings of satisfaction, emotional attachment to your design, the desire to drop your jaw and redesign the rest of your house.

There’s something special about having your designer be more picky about your home than you are. Between their incredible attention to detail, otherworldly skills of “design-whispering”, and a unquenchable desire to tackle a challenge; neurotic perfectionists are in high demand. Fortunately for shutter-less windows worldwide, Back Bay Shutter Company has them in spades (especially if you’re looking for furniture-grade wood shutters, custom colors and unsurpassed quality.)

The real question is: are your designers this neurotically detail oriented?

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