We shutter to thank you, and you, and you…


Isn’t Thanksgiving a great holiday? Who doesn’t love spending time with friends and family, eating way too much, and taking a nap in order to eat even more?

But in all seriousness, it is one of our favorite holidays, because it forces us to take some time from our busy schedules to think about what we have to be thankful for. We’re so grateful we get to work in a business we love, surrounded by so many exceptionally gifted people. We’d like to take a minute to thank them.

Our company is small, which allows us to work closely with one another. So, our first “thanks” goes out to our talented and committed employees. They work hard, they’re professional, and they bring a great attitude to work every day. They are diligent about making sure that every product that leaves our building is perfect. That’s not easy. And we appreciate it.

Next, we’d like to give thanks to all the talented and inspiring designers and architects we work with. Your creativity and high standards constantly challenge us to maintain our own high standards. Thanks for choosing us again and again.

Lastly, we give a heart felt thanks to all of our families. They put up with us when we think about work too much, or talk about work too much, or go to work too much. We love you, and thank you for supporting us, and allowing us to do what we love to do.

Enjoy your holiday and be safe. And don’t forget to take some time, before your second helping, to give thanks.