Window Imagination Collaboration

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Bill visiting Thad in the Window Imagination work room.

While you may only think about us for our interior wood shutters, we also offer shades, blinds, and motorized drapery rods. Yes, motorized drapery rods.Where would we get motorized drapery rods, you ask? Well, Bill knew just where to find them, which is why he paid a visit to our friends Thad and Jayne Kallas at Window Imagination.

If you don’t know about this wonderful small company, you should. They’re a family owned and operated manufacturer of fine custom made and finished drapery hardware. We’re always on the hunt for companies that take their craft as seriously as we do, and Window Imagination fits the bill. Their craftsmanship is truly exceptional. Working with them means we know we’ll get a remarkable product, and that we’ll be well taken care of. They offer the kind of personal service that makes doing business with them not only easy, but fun, too. They offer drapery rods, custom filialss, cornices, rings, and brackets (They’ve also just begun a fabulous line of reclaimed wood and wrought iron tables, too). And all can be customized to create a look you won’t find anywhere else.


This is an example of how Window Imagination will take Bill’s  motorized track and build a custom rod around it.

True to our promise, that we’ll  do anything for our clients to make them happy, Bill sought out Window Imagination to work their magic for a client who requested  custom, motorized drapery rods. Bill will collaborate with Thad, by providing him a motorized track, which Thad will create a rod around, in the specific style our client asked for. Our client will not only be happy with the way their rods look, but also that they’ll be able to  operate their drapes simply and easily, by remote control.

We’re looking forward to more work with Window Imagination. Their professionalism and craftsmanship makes for a perfect collaborative experience.



A great example of Window Imagination's work.
A great example of Window Imagination’s work.
It's possible to make any kind of rod you're looking for.
Window Imagination makes it possible to create  any style rod you need.
Window Imagination is now turning it’s attention toward making reclaimed and wrought iron tables. Bill left wanting one. Check them out, we want one, too!