Everybody Should be as Professional as our Installers

Everybody Should be as Professional as our Installers

Here’s a peek at one of the installations we did at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston.

Making exceptional shutters, shades and blinds is what we do, but if they aren’t installed properly, they might as well be made by a first grader during art class. Without a perfect fit, our window treatments won’t work well, won’t look right and won’t let any of us sleep at night, knowing that we didn’t supply our customers with the very best service. (And we need our sleep.)

That’s why we have an installation crew that takes their jobs seriously. These guys are pros. They treat the homes they service just like their own homes. They take off their shoes, use blankets to cover the floors, and make sure to clean up thoroughly when they leave. These aren’t subcontractors, they’re part of our team, and are just as obsessed as we are about offering the highest level of customer service there is. They’re well trained in the workings of all of our products, so they know when something is off, or not working correctly. They’re polite to homeowners, and courteous to any other workmen who might also be on the job site. As our own Bill Morton says, “Our installers are just fabulous people. If something is less than perfect, they’re going to let the client know about it and rectify it quickly. They don’t try and get away with things in the field. They’re terrific guys and they’re very passionate about what they do.”

This is important stuff. It’s not unusual for installers to leave behind remnants, dirt, and in some cases, damage to the installation site or other parts of a home. (The ladder comes in the door and oh, there goes the wall.)

Blair Hamaty of Setting the Space

The talented Blair Hamaty of Setting the Space says, “Installation is very, very important. A lot of times you’re afraid of people coming into your home because you’re afraid of what kind of damage they’re going to do to the walls or how they’re going to take care of it.”

Of an installation at the Mandarin Oriental, Hamaty said of Back Bay’s installers, “They came in very professionally, They drilled where they had to drill, cut where they had to cut. Not only did they do it perfectly, but you could not see any flaws whatsoever.” This is from a designer whose company sees hundreds of installations a year.

So, when you’re buying a high end item that must be installed, remember that the installation is every bit as important as the item itself. It can literally make or break your purchase. (Not to mention  your window, or wall, or door!)

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