Our Largest Motorized Blind Goes to School

Our Largest Motorized Blind Goes to School


The Match School. Take a look at the size of those windows!

Shades come in all different sizes and textures. We thought we had seen them all, but then along came the Match School, an innovative charter school on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.

For those of you who like local Boston history, the building is an interesting one. It was originally home to Ellis the Rim Man, one of the largest auto parts and accessories companies in the area, part of Boston’s Auto Mile (check out this link for a full story on the auto mile–it’s fascinating). Its sign, reading “Home of Ellis the Rim Man” in 3D letters almost 70 feet above the building, was visible from the Mass Pike, appeared in the background of both movies and television shows, and was an icon to locals, much like the Citgo sign.

The building was sold to Match in 2001 and was renovated and re-designed by Hill Miller Friedlaender Hollander, known for its thoughtful and award-winning school designs. They’ve done an impressive job inside and out.

But back to our shade story. The shade they needed was for a very oversized window, and it had to block out light when necessary. The size prohibited a battery operated shade, so we set them up with the largest room darkening, Somfy motorized roller shade we’ve ever created! At a whopping 100 pounds, the shade is 15 feet in width and 14 feet in height! It took three installers and two electricians to install it.

In fact, it was so large, we quickly realized our Back Bay Shutter Company van couldn’t accommodate this behemoth shade. What to do? Middlesex Movers to the rescue. These guys not only meticulously packaged the shade to prevent it from getting hurt during transit, they also transported it to the Match School for a happy ending! Proving once again that Back Bay Shutter Company can create any size, shape or color interior wood shuttershade or blind for any size, shape or color window!

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