Perfectionist (and Dad) Jeff Burton, of South Shore Millwork

Perfectionist (and Dad) Jeff Burton, of South Shore Millwork

The next generation of South Shore Millwork, Grace Burton learns to drive the company truck, (right), while Brian Burton learns to unload it, (left).

Grace Burton, and Brian Burton

Jeff Burton, owner of South Shore Millwork, is a man who loves what he does. He’s passionate (like us), focused on the details (like us) and always makes sure to produce the best product he can (hey, that’s like us, too!) And South Shore Millwork, who’s specialty is high quality architectural millwork, is uncompromising when it comes to quality and service. He is high on our referral list. (Not to mention, he has very cute kids!) We worked together recently on a job in Norton requiring custom interior wood shutters with off-set boring holes to create the necessary louver clearance. Jeff provided us a custom color conversion varnish to finish the panels, which we did in our spray shop. They looked great. To get the full scope of Jeff’s amazing work, go to his site at:

TITLE: Jeff Burton

COMPANY: South Shore Millwork, Inc.


 1.    What are you a neurotic perfectionist about?

When a project is complete I have a hard time letting the smallest imperfections go.

2.    Tell us something people don’t know about you.

 My wife and I adopted a little girl (Grace) from China 5  years ago and I found it to be an  experience of a lifetime, she is sooo funny!

3.    What are you totally passionate about?

I am very passionate about the Service and quality of the products that SSM produces and am very proud of all the people that work here and make it happen.

4.    What is the most challenging profession you’ve ever had?

What I have found to be most challenging is learning how to handle the business and become a leader as the company has grown.

5.    Where is your favorite place to eat in Boston?

Ruth Chris Steakhouse

6.    Give us one design tip that always works.

Hire the right people, do not try and design everything yourself, keep an open mind.

7.    Philosophize, rant, joke. Anything you’d like to say?

The joke around my house is there is a tattoo on Grace’s behind that says “Made in China”!

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