Interior Wood Shutters: Painted or Stained?

A question that frequently comes up at Back Bay Shutter Co. is whether we recommend painting or staining our interior wood shutters. As neurotic perfectionists, you’d think we have an unambiguous answer for you. The truth is: there are advantages to both options. Although it is largely a stylistic preference, there are some things you should consider when you choose whether to paint or stain your wood shutters.


Stained Shutters
Many people choose stained shutters because it allows the natural glow, warmth and beauty of wood to permeate the room. Wood shutters are usually found in homes that have stained wood trim or wood panels. However, in order to make a striking statement, stained shutters have been used to contrast cream trim and alternatively match the wood floor or furniture already used in the room.


Painted Shutters
The unassuming elegance of a painted shutter is one of the many reasons it is a popular choice. Painted shutters provide a classic, clean, crisp look that typically matches the color of the trim in your room. Paint protects the wood from harmful UV rays more effectively than a wood stain, and is also more efficient at blocking out light in the room.

Things to Consider
As you delve into the pros and cons of stains and paints there are a few things to consider when settling on interior wood shutters.

Existing style
If your home has warm woods in your trim, furniture, or flooring, you may want to consider stained wood. If your aesthetic is light and airy, painted shutters that match your trim will enhance the overall feel.

Contrast vs blending
Shutters can be a powerful way to make a statement. If you want your shutters to pop, contrast to the trim and matching them to wood floor stain will make your rooms look modern and chic. However, fusing them with your trim and decor will make the room look seamlessly classic.

In five years time…
Good advice for any decorating installment, choosing something you know you’ll love in five years time is a sure way to know you’ve made the right decision.

In the end, the choice is up to you and your unique taste. Whether you are looking to use your shutters as a bold accent, or blend them to your existing decor, Back Bay Shutter Co.’s interior wood shutters will increase the beauty and value of your home.