Welcome to the Back Bay Shutter Company Blog!

Steve Kontoff, Nancy Sorensen & Bill Morton

The neurotic perfectionist’s themselves, Steve Kontoff, Nancy Sorensen & Bill Morton. 

Welcome to the Back Bay Shutter’s Neurotic Perfectionist’s blog, where we, the insanely passionate, workaholic lot of us, will bring you informative and interesting posts about our obsession—shutters, shades and blinds and Shoji Panels. From interviews with designers, to an in-depth look at the wide world of window treatments, from before and after’s to the fine details of shutters, shades and blinds, we’ll keep the information flowing and the topics fresh.

Perhaps you wonder about our blog name? Well, the simple truth is that everybody who works at Back Bay Shutters is a neurotic perfectionist. For the past 20 years, we’ve all been maniacally committed to creating the best products we possibly can.  To us, it’s fun to measure precisely, and install customized shutters that fit like a glove.  We really enjoy sand and spray finishing our shutters by hand (which happens right in our Woburn facility). Nothing thrills us more than offering adjustments and maintenance service for as long as you have your shutters.

We’re just as over the top when it comes to our customized shades and customized blinds, too. We offer dozens of options, and can help you make the optimal choice for your particular space.  We’re pioneers in the field of motorization, so if you’re building or renovating, be sure to talk to us before wiring begins, and we can help you motorize literally any window treatment there is.

We hope you’ll weigh in, share your photos and stories. Ask questions. Because, for us, making shutters, shades and blinds isn’t just a job, it’s our passion. Some people like to dance, some like to hike, some like to read. What can we tell you, we love making the best shutters, shades and blinds on the market.